A proven pedestal-based system, sturdy enough to support 1,000 lbs.



This strong pedestal-based design provides outstanding platform stability for ultra-sensitive instruments, and is ideal for critical test-and-measurement applications. Easy to install and to reconfigure thanks

to Kewaunee’s unique modular frame system, Sturdilite® features durable construction, a high level of craftsmanship, a variety of storage configurations, and broad selection of options.  Proven in thousands

of installations, Sturdilite offers long life, ultimately flexibility, and

proven durability.


Sturdilite key features

 • Pedestal-based design with tubular steel worksurface frame

easily accommodates 1,000 lb. loads


 • Advanced laminates, cured maple, and Kemresin® epoxy

worksurfaces are available in standard widths of 36” - 96”,

and standard depths of 24”, 30”, and 36”


 • Corner worksurfaces provide for maximum uninterrupted

work area


 • Large variety of pedestal widths, depths, and

storage configurations


 • Backsplashes are available in non-powered or

UL-Listed powered


 • Choice of 15” or 20” high shelf risers


 • UL-Listed task lights for under-shelf mounting